February 14, 2009

New additions to the range

Well after a full week supposedly working in the studio, I've got to say we haven't quite produced as much as what we thought we might. 'Why', I hear you ask. Well there is probably a range of reasons, including the fact that there is one very demanding 14 month old that is constantly seeking attention, we've hit a few brick walls along the way and had to visit some experts for advice, I spent a day out sourcing materials, and there seems to be a never ending amount of research, follow up and things to organise or put in place. But hey, that's all supposed to be part of the fun/challenge isn't it? We did take time out to pose for a shot in the new studio though.

This week we tried to concentrate on some items that are part of our home decorating range, which include co-ordinating fabric wall hangings, throw cushions and what we have aptly named 'Mookah Pods'. They do look a little like seed pods or some such, but to the average person, they are what you might call a foot seat, poof, or an ottoman. These ones are made of one of our favourite fabrics.
And following is a selection of some of the items that were produced this week. Gotta love those pods! A kids version is on the way too...
Our first ever craft market is booked for next Saturday (how scary - what if we don't sell anything?) and there is so much still to organise, but tomorrow we are thinking about taking a day off. What do you think?

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  1. Studio looks great, stock looks great. Well done Mookah. So which market are you at this weekend? Best wishes. Markets are fun.