March 5, 2014

Profile: Shopgirl Red.......

Last week we admitted to the world that we aren't 'Wonder Women' and that we needed some help from some talented, lovely ladies.  Last week we introduced you to Dainy, but this week it's all about Red.  Or Bec, if you prefer?
We gave Red the big 5 questions, and this is what we got:
1.  If you could sing one song on Australian Idol, what would it be?
My song would be Me and Bobby McGee. Nana nana nana nana na, he, he, he, my Bobby McGeeeeeeeeee

2.  Do you believe in Bigfoot?
Don't believe in Bigfoot. My partner Jamie has seen the black panther that roams around South Gippsland. There should only be one in each household.

3.   Describe yourself in three words....
I shall go with the first three words that pop into my head . . .  tall, red, blessed

4.  Favourite childhood outfit?
Going by my early childhood photos, it was gumboots and little else. Mum made my clothes in those days. I fondly recall she made me a beautiful velvet skirt for my cousin's wedding. Pity it was brown really, but loved it at the time.

5.   A word you say a lot:
I say 'fabulous' an awful lot.
Red and I actually go back a long way, so I could probably tell you lots of interesting things if I wanted to, but I think you should find out for yourself.  One thing I will share with you though, in high school she was obsessed with Michael Jackson, and to this day can still do all the dance moves to 'Thriller'.
Thanks Red, it's great to have you on board!

February 28, 2014

New faces at Mookah Studio......

If you've been in the shop of late, you may have recognised a few new faces behind the counter, so we thought that maybe it's time to introduce them to you.  We both like to think of ourselves as being wonder women at times, but apparently we can't do 'everything' anymore, and have enlisted the help of a few lovely local ladies.
We've given each of them a set of five questions to answer to help us all to get to know them a little better, and we will be sharing these with you over the next couple of weeks.
Profile: 'Dainy'
1.  What is your best 'pick me-up song?
Of all time - Queen's 'Somebody to Love'
Right Now - Pharrell Williams 'Happy'
2.  Sundays are for.......
Blueberry pancakes and imagining
3.  What do you think of garden gnomes?
That depends on what they think of me.......
4.  You're a new addition to the crayon box, what colour would you be and why?
Duck egg - because until you colour with it, you never know what colour it really is
5.  If you were a pizza delivery person how would you benefit from scissors?
Isn't that obvious?
A few personality traits we've learnt about Dainy is that she's partial to a dance, she loves running, she always looks effortlessly georgous, and she likes to be organised.
Thanks, Dainy!

February 8, 2013

Dear Blogger

Dear Blogger,

I apologise for my absence of late (pretty much all of 2012), but I do have a good excuse.  No the dog didn't eat my homework, I didn't run over my laptop with the car while reversing out of the driveway, and aliens didn't abduct me.  It was worse.  I've been fighting breast cancer.  Not something you expect to ever happen to you, but especially at age 38 with no family history.

I'm still not ready to discuss the details in such a public forum, but 2013 however, is going to be a completely different year.  My treatment has come to an end, my hair is slowly growing back, and I'm back in the saddle.  Sure, things aren't quite the same as they were before, but that's life and I'm adjusting best I can. 

Thanks for reading my ramblings, however inconsistent they may be.  Thanks for not judging me, or excluding me, and accepting me back into the blogger fold whenever I feel I'm able to participate.

Its February already, where did January go?  Oh yeah, that's right.  Customers just kept on coming into the 'bricks and mortar' store in Inverloch, keeping us rushed off our feet.  Thanks everyone for your support of our little studio, our work, our creations and what we love doing. 

Bring on the rest of 2013!

November 12, 2012

The good life....

One of the 'pluses' of my role in Mookah is that I get to go on lots of trips to great places for markets and events, and as you may already know, I love a good road trip.  Over the last couple of weeks I got to visit one of my absolute favourite destinations.  It was that relatively small place down below the rest of Australia, that is jam packed with places of absolute beauty and serenity, Tasmania.  It was the first time Mookah has showcased its wares at the Tasmanian Craft Fair at Deloraine, which was a four day event over the Cup weekend, and we also discovered a few Tassie labels that we hope to be stocking at the Mookah Studio real soon.

We had some fantastic, quirky accommodation, staying in this little A-frame house in waterside Port Sorrell, sharing with some stallholder friends.  Isn't it oh so cute?

After the craft fair my market offsider (Mum) and I stayed on for an extra two days of rest and relaxation in the Launceston area, where I took her to see some of my favourite places.  Of course no trip to the Launceston area would be complete without visiting a few wineries in the Tamar Valley, so I took her to a couple of my favourites, being Pipers Brook where we had a leisurely lunch in the sunshine, and Bay of Fires, which has some of my all time favourite wines.

Our other spare day was spent tramping up through Cataract Gorge and visiting my list of 'to see' shops in Launceston.  One I've been to before but wouldn't miss an opportunity to visit is the The Mill - Providore & Gallery, which was just across the road from our accommodation.  This place is full of beautiful locally grown produce and other clothing, gifts and homewares, all focusing on Tassie grown and made. 

Another on the list was eco co, full of beautiful homewares, clothing and gifts.  They even had a beautiful chair recovered in Cloth's Spotcheck fabric, similar to mine!

And last but certainly not least, the shop I've been dying to visit for ages, Cocoon in George St.  I've been following this shop online for ages and it was great to be able to see for myself.  An absolutely beautiful little shop focusing on Australian made/designer labels, right up my alley!

While we were wandering up George St looking for Cocoon, we stumbled across a little pop up shop called 'et la mer' and of course couldn't resist the temptation to check it out.  While there were many beautiful things, the thing that took caught my eye was a display of organic screenprinted cushions from The Spotted Quoll.  I didn't buy any cushions, but I couldn't help myself and had to buy a set of prints to frame and hang on my walls at home.  If you're in Launceston, get in quick and check out this pop up shop!

All in all, another lovely visit to beautiful Tasmania.  May there be many more to come in the future!

October 9, 2012

My New Favourite Corner

For many years now I've been tossing around in my head what fabrics I should use to reupholster an old favourite chair of mine.  It's not just any chair, it's a beautiful old 'kanga rocker' that I got from my dear old great aunt when she passed away.  The fact that the chair has sentimental value to me has overwhelmed me, leading me to be indecisive and procrastinate.
My recent journey has brought lots of things into perspective for me, and suddenly I could see the decision in a new light.  My Aunty May would be happy that I have the chair, I love it and will look after it, and that I am going to recover it in something that I love. 

So how could I go past Australian Handprinted fabric?  I have used 2 different fabrics, but have featured Cloth's spotcheck fabric, as I've always loved it, and I am partial to a touch of red, and combined it with some crosshatch.  Isn't she adorable?

This has now become my favourite corner in the house.  A place where I can sit and rock with my feet up on a Mookah floor cushion, and read a book or watch the trees out the window.
I will declare though, that I feel a little like a traitor not using one of our own handprinted fabrics.  So to even things up a bit (or make myself feel better) I've picked up another rocker similar to mine which we're going to reupholster in our new Mookah fabric design.  Watch this space for that one!