March 31, 2009

Animals come to playgroup.....

Being the good aunty lulu that I am, I sometimes go to playgroup with Nicole and Cooper, but last week there was no stopping me because the animals were coming! I had the most fantastic time playing with the bunnies and guinea pigs in particular, but there was also ducks, goat, calf, mice, tortoise, etc. Nicole had a task getting me out to go home.

'What about Cooper' I hear you ask. Yes playgroup is supposed to be all about Cooper after all. Well at first he was a little tentative, as there were too many people and animals, and too much going on all at once, but after a while he settled in and had a few pats of the animals. After a short while, as usual, his attention once again drifted to the balls. He is obsessed with balls, and the more the better!

Ah you've got to love a good bunny pat!
After all this frivolity the Mookah girls will be back hard at it at the end of the week after a few well earnt days off. We are off to Red Hill Market for the very first time on Saturday. Hope to see you there.....

1 comment:

  1. Good luck at Red Hill. Different crowd down there so I hope you get to sell lots of stuff.

    Playgroup eh? I guess the more often Cooper goes the more used to seeing and playing with the kiddies. Animals looked like fun.