March 29, 2009

Monkey sightings at Farmworld.....

It is the 4th and last day of Farmworld today and as yet monkey has still not returned, however there has been quite a lot of sightings. Below is just some of the places that monkey has been spotted.

We would like to thank all those people who
reported sightings of monkey, including Ashley
and Darcy from Murray Greys who said they fed
a very hungry Monkey some hay.
Ella and Collin from the Coffee Shop,
who say they had a fantastic dinner
and evening with Monkey. Naughty
Monkey, is normally in bed by five.
Apparently he had a little too much
too drink and felt he needed to
recover with a spa.
Vic from Fairdinkum Fertilisers
said Monkey came and gave him
a big birthday kiss.
Cathy from Clearly Delicious
said Monkey spent a good
30 minutes eating their fab
chilli pickled onions. Monkey
could possibly now power his
own spa
If anyone has seen monkey and can help us please let us know at site GIP15. Before any harm comes to him.

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  1. Hi, saw you at Farm World on Saturday, cute stuff! I'm sure you'll make your dream, hang in there!