March 23, 2009

Watch comes Easter Bunny!

This is just a really quick post before we head off to Farmworld on Thursday....because Colli has reminded me that I have not posted a pic of her latest creation, Hester the Rabbit, who has been born just in time for Easter!

Add Image So of course, he could also be Easter Bunny! If you're interested send us an email inquiry or head over to our Etsy shop at, or click the link on the right.
For those of you who haven't counted the sleeps yet, there is 16 more sleeps to go!

Before I forget, for those of you who asked what the green colour is on the Mookah Studio wall, it is Limerick Isle. And here is a picture to remind you.


  1. Ah...Limerick Isle, it not even looks good, it sounds good. The bunnies are georgous too. Good luck at Farmworld girls.

  2. Oh wow what a fantastic studio!! I am very jealous!! Great colour & how cool is that bench!! Enjoy!

  3. what I want to who designed your logo/signage? Looks awesome.

  4. Who designed our logo??? We did, that is little Mookah and big Mookah, Lulu and Colli, or more precisely, US, Leisa and Nicole.

    Yeah we're pretty proud of it too! Could we go into the design business too do you think?