May 13, 2009

Percy the Platypus

Well what a busy weekend that was! We were so looking forward to doing our first 'Market in the Gardens' at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, but unfortunately the weather really let us down. It was our first market we have had to setup/packup in the rain and it basically drizzled all day, so there were very few people around and therefore a quiet day all round. Thanks though to Tim & Dennis who dropped by to say g'day anyway and to Jackie....for not visiting!

It was however the first showing of Percy the Platypus, who was a hit and received lots of positive comments. What do you think?

Sunday we had Mornington market and our day was made by the fact that we supplied our first wholesale order to a retail outlet....'Vintage Apple' at The Tyabb Packing House, Tyabb. Thanks Simone!


  1. He is cute. I hope he is (another) success for you girls... Pity the Botanical Garden's market was a bit wet. If I (still) lived in our lovely apartment on Bank Street I would have for sure gone to check out your stall. Alas, I live in Ab Dabs. In the years to come perhaps?

  2. Oh my goodness. He is just about the most gorgeous thing I've seen in ages. Not a wonder he was popular!!