July 15, 2009

Just Cos its Wednesday....

This morning the Mookah girls and my nephew Cooper went to visit an old friend of mine for a bit of a cuppa, a catch up and a chance for the kids to play. The weather forcast wasn't great but it turned out to be quite a nice winter's day, and the kids were able to have a play in the yard.
While we enjoyed the sun on our faces as we took the short walk home, we had a brainwave. It was so nice out, that we decided not to rush back to start work in the studio, but sat on my front deck in the sun and indulged in a meat pie and sauce and an icy cold beer!
And why were we allowed to do this? Cos its Wednesday, we are are own bosses, it was nice and sunny, and why the hell not? That's what Mookah and the change of location and lifestyle is supposed to be all about. Work will still be there tomorrow....
Sorry Red for not having the idea earlier, you too could have joined us for a pie and beer lunch!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like my life everyday! *heehee* Just 'coz...

    (And yes, we do have meat pies in the freezer!)