September 10, 2009

My Creative Space

After not being so well for the last little while, and having to go to school the last three days, I have finally got around to a little crafting today. Yeehah! My first task was to complete a batch of cushion covers that had been sitting half completed for a couple of weeks, before moving on to a batch of 20 Woollybutts that I had cut out last week.

I often wonder whether it is just us or not, but we seem to get sick of some of our softie features quite regularly, and develop new ones that make us like them just a little more. Today we introduced new eyes to our Woollybutts, and yes, even they seem to be happier for the change!

I hope others like our new revised edition Woolybutts as much as we do. If you REALLY like them, of course you can head to our Etsy Shop.

Uh-oh.....sorry sick again for a couple of days folks, but here I am posting just a few days later than expected. Oh and of course a special congratulations to Melody and family on the birth of their new little girl Lily earlier this week.

To follow the creative space's of other crafty bloggers playing along this week head over to Kootoyoo.


  1. Cheers Leisa! I'd get sick of doing those wooly butts too - and the number you do I don't blame you. Little changes here and there will solve the boredom problem yeah?

  2. They look great, but do they come in peace ?

  3. Your Woolybutts are just too cute! The new eyes look great.

    Hope you're feeling better...