September 20, 2009

The Other 40 Things About Me...

Okay okay, I know I did this last week, but I was so dissapointed that my 100 things only made it to 60 before I forgot the rest of those quirky things about me, that I decided to push on until I could complete the task.

61. I dislike all seafood
62. I have naturally curly hair
63. I’m an early to bed kinda person
64. Don’t mind the odd pickled onion
65. Boats and I just don’t mix
66. I love painting, renovating, and property makeovers
67. I barrack for the Tigers
68. At primary school I had David Cloak’s name on the back of my duffel coat
69. Super scared of sharks….dadum…..dadum…even in the swimming pool
70. I don’t drink enough water
71. I’d like to get involved with Landcare
72. Love reading in bed at night
73. I have a nosy, sticky beak neighbour
74. I want to learn to screen print
75. Enjoy the thrill of 4WDing, but only if I’m driving
76. Love the fragrance of freesias
77. Wonder if there is a soul mate for everyone
78. Remember wetting my pants at kindergarten
79. Am a huge fan of Wilson’s Promontory
80. Can’t knit or crochet, and don’t want to learn
81. Like to think of myself as co-ordinated but can’t bowl for nuts!
82. Own a bike that I rarely ride and a kayak that I rarely paddle
83. Love baking date scones
84. I live in a house on stilts amongst the gum trees
85. Love daylight savings - bring it on!
86. Couldn’t survive without my laptop
87. Have discovered a liking for yoghurt in recent years
88. I am the tallest in my family
89. I can't throw out a book, my study is testament to this
90. I don't like eating fruit
91. Have developed a bit of a reputation for lumpy gravy
92. Love hot jam donuts but very rarely eat them
93. Love a soak in a hot bath
94. I dont do anchovies or olives, why would you?
95. I need my 8 hrs of sleep a night
96. Don't like snot, specially the green variety
97. Love eating cheese.... especially Jindi Triple Cream Brie mmm
98. I get hayfever
99. Recently discovered op shopping
100. I’m definitely a manual chick, not auto

(Photo: Friendly Beaches on Tasmania's east coast)

It's not as easy as it sounds to think of 100 things you'd be willing to share with the world about yourself. I challenge you to have a go yourself. Oh and before I forget, thanks to PeaSoup for inspiring this post.


  1. I love freesias and jam donuts and also make lumpy gravy. In fact we've taken to having our roast lamb sans gravy because there is a 75% chance that it would be terrible, and why risk it?

  2. Who does like snot I ask you?

    With my novels I usually pass them on for others to share...

    I don't mind the odd olive (Monet eats them like they're going out of fashion!) but I like anchovies in cooking. Delicious when cooked with roast lamb and so yummy on pizzas...