September 29, 2009

Uh-oh! Brmm brmm...

"Mum mum, Aunty Lulu - HELP!"

Oh no, the Landrover is bogged....again. Last time it was Darrel's, this time it's Cooper's. Hang on Coop's, I'll just get the Subaru, we'll tow the bloody Landrover out again!

Hang on guys, we'll get you out safe and sound.

Cooper's not sure, but I KNOW the Subaru can do it.

"Oh no - I can't watch"

"Easy does it Aunty Lulu, nice and slow."

"Uh-oh. Thank god we've all been having swimming lessons."

Phew. All safe and sound. Enough of the rain, it's so wet.

"Now I've got to wash and polish the bloody thing again. And I just had it detailed too. Maybe next time I should get a Subaru like Aunty Lulu."


  1. I thought Noah had an Ark, not a Landrover. And where does farmer Giles fit into the story? Besides, everbody knows that Landrovers don't get bogged!!

  2. Oh Cooper, ye of little faith. Too cute.

  3. classic! i love it :)

    i bet cooper will always remember the day aunt lulu got out the subaru to unbog the landcruiser

  4. You're a crack-up!! Hoorah for Subarus!