October 23, 2009

Harvesting Time

Today we decided it was harvesting time in the vege patch. Why today I hear you ask. Well this is the first weekend that we have both had off for a while and it will be our last til xmas, so we both thought it might be a great time to do some cooking.

We decided to harvest half of our leeks, and we will be making some Leek and Corn Soup which is a bit of a personal favourite of mine, as well as some Leek Tarts (meant to be onion, but we're doing leek).

And this one, well, can you tell what they are? They are meant to be parsnips.....but, yeah I know. They look like something you might see in one of my nightmares chasing me down the road in the nudey!

If anyone can offer any advice as to what went wrong, I'd love to know. It has been suggested that they had 'too much' fertiliser, which kind of makes sense cos the top growth was very green and prolific. Oh well, you can't win them all. Sorry to Housenbaby, but there will be no parsnip coming your way....this season, anyway!

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