October 8, 2009

My Creative Space.....

It's Thursday today (apparently), so what is happening in My Creative Space I hear you ask?

Well us Mookah girls have been admiring the 'Ink and Spindle' hand screen printed fabrics by Lara, Tegan and Bianca for a while now and a recent custom order request gave us the perfect opportunity to buy some extra and 'play with it'. Yay!

So we made a couple of floor cushions, one from 'Delft' and one from 'Samur', both being deep red on natural cotton/linen blend.

And of course we needed a few throw cushions to match! Aren't they georgous? They look even better with the fabric designs mixed and matched.
Above is the 'Delft' fabric, which was my preference, but the 'Samur' was Nicole's, so everyone was happy.

My absolute favourite Ink & Spindle fabric, is Lara's 'Rooftops' fabric, again deep red on natural. So I got a small quantity with the vision of creating a large piece of wall art for my lounge room wall.....and can i just say it looked fantastic! That's right, past tense. Nicole insisted we take it to the market at Red Hill last Saturday for our display, and while I was in the loo......SHE SOLD IT ON ME!
As a result, I have no photo to show you - yet. There is more fabric on the way and one way or another i WILL get that piece of wall art for my lounge room. To check out all the other creativity going on, hop on over to Kirsty's.


  1. Hey I might try that trick on Saturday. Hopefully if I go to the Loo, Tinniegirl will sell all my stock for me!

  2. I LOVE those pods & cushions - definately on my wish list!! :)

  3. Gorgeous cushions girls - the fabric was the perfect choice! I love the red/white designs - just lovely!

  4. Ooh they look so comfy, and I love the red. They would be just perfect around the Waffler coffee table for a mini chess tournament *sigh*.

  5. oh my these are sooooooooo gorgeous I LOVE them

  6. Oooh I meant to comment the other day - these look great!! So good to see what you made with them. The floor cushions are really great :)