October 27, 2009

The Real Spiky Deal....

This spiky little guy had 3 dogs going absolutely going off their heads today.

He was quickly burrowing under the potting shed while the 3 dogs were locked behind a fence only centimetres away, but desperately trying to dig under the fence. We quickly evacuated all human and canine occupants, but he was so scared that he took about an hour to surface and disappear. Poor little guy.....but it was nice to say hello.


  1. oh this little guy is gorgeous we have a few at our place and to try and pick them up to move them to safer ground is the hardest thing (even with leather gloves) they are soooo strong even one that was just a baby, they certainly can grip the earth. It's so special to see one up close though I reckon

  2. How fabulous (and appropriate) to have such a grand visitor.

    Just dropping by to let you know you won my giveaway. I'm about to post now.