October 12, 2009

Today's Craftiness....

The highlight of today's craftiness was completing a custom order for a floor cushion for a little girl's bedroom made out of this Amy Butler Duck Egg fabric.

The fabric was specially requested by the client but since it was only a craft weight fabric we lined it with calico to give it some added strength and weight.

What little girl wouldn't love a floor cushion for her bedroom made out of this fabric?

Now to package up and ship off to the US....


  1. oh I love that Amy butler fabric!

  2. I wanna floor cushion made out of that Amy Butler fabric! Can I give you a new address in the US to divert that package to? I promise I'll pass it on (heh heh heh).

  3. Goodness me you're a clever clogs. Those cushions look AMAZING. I think I ought to get one for the boys sometime.

    Hey I was just thinking how fabulous your Mookah Tree design would look thread-sketched onto fabric. Yeehar!