October 17, 2009

The waters have broken.....

No I am NOT pregnant!

But I think the drought has finally broken - here in Sth Gippsland at least. This is how much rain I have had at my place in the last 5 days.

That is 94mm or nearly 4 inches of rain in 5 days, and there is major floods in paddocks etc all over the place. All the local water storages are full.
Now we just need some sunshine and warmer weather.
(Sorry to everyone else that still needs rain)


  1. Not bad rain at all here and the weeds just love it !

  2. been raining non stop here too - but I would really love some sunshine & blue skies :)

    p.s - just checking out your market dates - we were in Balnarring today visiting the op shop - how could I have missed seeing the market?!!

  3. ha ha my parents are soooooo glad they live on a hill.
    they didn't get flooded out AND now they have a pretty lake system to look out over... they just have trouble getting into wonthaggi because half the roads are flooded bahahahahaha.

  4. How lovely to find your fascinating blog! Glad you have had all that rain, it sure does make things grow! Our garden is looking pretty wild but it's lush and gorgeous. See you again xo