October 4, 2009

Welcome Home & Happy Birthday!!

It's my Dad's birthday today - Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad has had a bit of a health scare lately, and just got home yesterday afternoon after spending a few days in hopsital at Cabrini in Malvern. He has been experiencing some pain in his chest and arm when he does any physical excercise for quite some time but it was only in the last few weeks when it got a bit more severe and visited a 'new doctor', that some genuine concern was shown.
His heart appeared strong and okay but he was referred to a specialist and sent in pronto for an angiogram on Wednesday, where they found that one of the arteries was 99% blocked! They immediately put in a stent and a balloon to inflate the artery, and otherwise all appears okay. He is feeling better already, although he is on strict 'rest' instructions for a week.

Nice to have him home again and we celebrated today by having a family picnic by the foreshore at Inverloch . In case you can't tell Cooper loves his Poppy.

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