November 30, 2009

Beautiful colours.....

Apparently it has been 10 days since I did a post, oh the shame! All I can say is that it has been super busy around here, with Nicole's partner's family out from the UK for 3 weeks, the ongoing extensions and renovations at Nicole & Darrel's house, the ridiculous amount of markets we have before xmas and over January to prepare for and the fact that I am off to Adelaide on Thursday for 5 days for an exhibition and to visit some relatives!

Have a look at these beautiful orchids that Nicole and Darrel recieved as a departing thank you gift from Darrel's family. Aren't the colours just stunning?

Oh and speaking of colours, Nicole has had a colour change from her traditional blonde highlights to......err.....something......rather red!

And this is the latest on the exterior renovations going on next to the Mookah Studio. Inside the new kitchen is installed, but waiting on the plastering to be done ready for painting.

Ahh....beautiful Dulux 'Woodland Grey', a colour I also have used on part of the exterior of my house. Blends in beautifully with the environment.


  1. Hello Goils,

    Just popped by to say hello. My mum is an Inverloch local and was chatting to one of you recently (???when) and slipped me your business card. Love your work (and the reno)! Good luck for the mad Christmas rush and here's to you making a killing at the markets.