December 28, 2009

Current Craftiness....

Well apart from Christmas which included too much food and too much drink, we've been trying to take just a few days off here in Mookah Land, but last minute xmas orders and new projects have been the order of the day.

Recently we have had a few people who have requested for us to make them a TeePee for their children, and Nicole has been so excited over the project, that we have also made a couple of extra ones to take along to some of our markets. This is the latest one, but I'm not sure it will ever get to leave Nicole's yard as Cooper seems to have taken a bit of a liking to it!

This particular one is a large one, which has 5 sides, with each side standing approximately 1.6m tall. We have also done a smaller version which has 4 sides, but at the same height.
What do you think? I see TeePee and just think...."Time Out....I've had enough. I'm going for a little nap and some down time now". Mmmm....meditating, naughty spot, reading a book, the options are endless really!
There is another new project underway but I don't have any pics as yet, the latest version (version 4) is currently being road tested by builder Dave. Watch this space!


  1. The tee pee is very cool Leisa. It is so easy to see kids playing in it... or aunties who have snuck in for a quick nap!