December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunty LaLa for 11th December

Dear Aunty LaLa,

I asked mummy if she could do this when everyone had gone to bed. Don't be too mad at her, cause she loves you.
Happy birthday aunty Lala for Friday 11th December. You are the bestest everest Aunty anyone could ever want! I get to see you every day, get kisses and cuddles off you everyday (even when I don't want them), you make lunch and snacks for me, you read me books, play in the vegie garden with me, chase the dogs with me, give me medicine when I am not well, look after me when mum has had enough of me, give me boobie wobbles and make me laugh, play brrrmmm brrmmmm's with me, change my nappy, let me wipe my dirty nose on your pants, let me rub cheese on you face....... you are the greateast! Mum mum and Dad dad think you are pretty ok too.I hope you feel better today, sorry for making you sick again.

Lots of love,



  1. Happy birthday to you from a fellow December birthday babe!! Enjoy lots of cake & cuddles with the cutest little man!! XO

  2. Note to self: Never give sister blog account details! Thanks Coopy.