February 23, 2010

An 'Italian Love Affair' .....with Mr Rimoldi

Yesterday was the 1st anniversary for Mookah. Yay for Mookah! Now I could go on to review where we started, what we've achieved, where we're at and where we are heading, but I'm not going to. The achievement of this milestone did however give us the impetus to finally begin our 'Italian Love Affair' with Rimoldi, or Mr Rimoldi to you!

Rimoldi might not look all that flashy on the outside, he's no spring chicken, but he is one solid, quality unit with finely meshed parts. We were introduced to Rimoldi by David who spoke very fondly of him and each time he touched Rimoldi he would then give him a litle polish with his rag. David would dance lightly from foot to foot each time he spoke about Rimoldi and he was also a little hesitant about parting with his old friend and wanted to make sure that we would be right for each other and would be partners for life.

This morning we had our first official date with Rimoldi and we were both a little intimidated by his mere presence in the room. While quite compact in size, he has many intricate features, and once turned on he quietly hums to life in a very unassuming way, but when you put your foot on the pedal ......zoooommm! Next time I'll remember to put my seatbelt on first and get my fingers out of the way first.

Rimoldi - I think I could love you.

Zoom zoom zoom....


  1. Happy Anniversary to Mookah - hip hip hooray!
    A huge welcome to Mr Rimoldi. He looks extra zippity.

  2. Congratulations!
    Mr Rimoldi looks like a complex but faithful friend who can go all night long ha ha!

  3. Well done on your first anniversary! Mr Rimoldi looks fabulous ... and somewhat older, wiser and more reliable than my Miss Jan (the Janome). Have fun!