March 27, 2010

Bowerbird Adelaide

Bowerbird Bazaar is an upmarket Art & Design Market in Adelaide at the Queens Theatre in the Playhouse Lane and it has been hopping! It is only the 2nd one ever, with the next one planned for October.

Look at this beautiful old industrial building..... and Chloe wearing a gorgeous pinny embelished with 'Ink and Spindle' fabrics.

The old Mookah sign.....our logo has now been updated.

Nicole's beautiful flower she felt she just had to make??

Colli being nice to a customer......

Some of our noisy animal friends..

And some of our Nature Range we sold out of today! Thanks so much to Amy and Carly from Nest Studio for dropping by. The denim and Elephant combo has been such a hit in the kiddies beanbags.


  1. Wow. Going great guns you two (plus your entourage!) Well done.