May 6, 2010

Stitches and Craft.....

Yesterday afternoon us Mookah sisters headed down to Caulfield in the pouring rain and hail to visit our first ever Stitches & Craft show. We didn't really have any expectations as our main reason for visiting was to support and say hi to some of our friends, suppliers, fellow bloggers and stallholders from other events.

It's always fun to catch up with Teegs and Lara from Ink & Spindle, they're such crazy cats, and their new Tamarillo collection looks fabo!

(Lara pictured above)
Carol & Mark from Itchybird are friends of ours so had to drop in for a chinwag, a catch up, get the goss and give some support. Sorry for the poor photo but Carol sells kits for making birds, peg dolls and fabric rings. And hey, that's me in the background!

We also had a special mission at Stitches & Craft that any of you who are fellow twitterer's would appreciate, and that was to confirm that the talented and very funny Hoppobumpo (aka Liesl) is in fact a green hippo. I can confirm that yes she indeed is, but she is pictured here below dressed up as a crafty godess wearing a shower cap in Pippijoe fabric. You go girl! Caitlyn didn't want to appear in this photo with Hoppobumpo.....I can't imagine why?

Others we saw but didn't capture on film were Michelle from Kids with Crayons, and Stacey from sheepsclothing who we haven't seen for like 15 years or more!
That's my compact and precise craft show wrap up for 2010. Oh, and if you're in Melbourne and you're not busy this Saturday come and check out the launch of Modish Market at Malvern Town Hall between 9am and 3pm. We'll be there with bells on!


  1. Ha ha that Liesl is such a crack up!

  2. You should have seen Mr Hoppo Bumpo's face when I showed him this post .... I'm such an embarassment to him!

    As always, so lovely catch you with you both! Good luck for the Modish Market.