October 24, 2010

Customised Floor Cushion

After Nicole caught up with the lovely Nic from Yardage Design at the Melbourne Finders Keepers market a few weeks ago, she asked us if we would make her up one of our large floor cushions for her, in her ocean blue 'exclaim' fabric. Turned out pretty yummy don't you think?

Apparently this one is going to live next to Nic's bookcase, perfect for perching oneself on while browing through a book collection. Mmmm, maybe I need one next to my bookcase?

I'd love to see it done in the red version of the fabric, pictured here. In case you didn't know I'm a bit partial to a touch of red....

Thanks Nic, hope you love it!


  1. Ooh, that's fantastic. I would love a customised Thea & Sami fabric floor cushion too!

  2. I absolutely love it - you guys are the best! I wouldn't mind a red one too at some stage! Nic x