November 17, 2010

Sydney Wrap-up!

Apparently Nicole & I made it home safely from our Sydney road trip on Monday, but to be honest it all just feels like a bit of a blur!  Thanks to all those Sydneysiders who dropped in to Magnolia Square, it was certainly quite hectic at times.

Thought I'd share a few pics of the event with you, starting with some of our own goodies....

Quite a few of these items below never made it home to Inverloch.  Still trying to decide if that is a good thing or not.  Now we have to make more before we head to Adelaide next week.

As for these little Birdy Num Nums, they seem to be a hit wherever we take them.

This was a (very white) display set up by Mr Jason Grant at the entrance to the event. 

And this photo of these beautiful drawers ( with bracelets) was taken purely for me, as I am going to buy one from the very lovely JJ from "Have you met Miss Jones". 

What do you think?  Likey likey lots?

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