March 17, 2011

My Creative Space....

In My Creative Space today (or technically it's 'ours') we were screen printing another one of our new designs, and one that we have been thinking about and working on for over a year now.

The design is called 'Inspiration', and is a mish mash of words that describe what Mookah is about, our environment, what inspires us.

Shown here is the design in black and eggplant.

The design has a slightly organic feel to it.  You know, has a bit of character and not to precise!

The only thing to work out now, is what colour to print next.  For the home of My Creative Space, head over here.


  1. found you through my creative space- i looove this printed cushion....
    i am going to look back on some other posts....!

    melissa x

  2. Oh nice, do you have an outlet in Inverloch, we are heading down over easter?