April 26, 2011

Country markets......

While most of our time is spent travelling up and down the highway to do markets in the big smoke (Melbourne), it's always nice to do a local market. Apart from the obvious difference that we don't have to do all that travel, country markets are just so laid back, and cruisey.  Sunday was our last market at Foster for the season, and I took a few pics to share with you.

If there is any chance of drizzle or showers in the forcast, you can pretty much guarantee that you're going to get a little wet at Foster.  The dark clouds seem to just hover around those hills.  The sky and the wet pavement tell the story really, doesn't it?

Mookah Zip Purses

This little girl was having a ball chasing the bubbles and trying to jump on them.  As a big kid myself I was dying to join in the fun.

Carol and Mark from Itchybird made the big trek down from Mornington to sell their jewellery and cards.

What country market is complete without all the yummy home made jams and spreads?

Some georgous softies from Naomi of Thula Thula.  Find her at Mathilda's market real soon.

It wasn't me that took that picture of the hen house, it was that other Mookah chick that lives on 4 acres and would really like her own little hen house and fresh eggs.  Or maybe she really just wants somewhere to escape to from time to time?

We all spent the day dodging those little bubbles......I'm guessing someone had a really good day selling bubble guns.  Thanks to all those that braved the elements and came out to farewell the Foster market for another season with a big bang!


  1. Seems you had fun despite the weather! I love our 'local' too, a totally different feel to the big smoke. And I fancy a chook house too, I might even like some chooks...See you tomorrow! Jo x

  2. Oh now come on! Rain? Foster? Surely not!
    I actually was at that market and did see you, but as it was raining and I was rushing back to the car I didn't stop and say hello.
    The bubble gun? I copped it square in the face. Nearly put that gun where the sun doesn't shine - and I don't mean Foster.