May 14, 2011

Another girlie road trip?

I sense another girls road trip coming up......

Yep, that's right.  Mookah is going to be at Finders Keepers in Brisbane on the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd July!  Yehaah, as we slap hands, scream and shout, and run around saying "We're going to Brisbane, we're going to Brisbane" in unison like childish school girls. 

Enough frivolity.  There are serious questions to be answered.

1. Do we fly or drive?

2. Do we both go or just one of us fly & the other drive?  Ooooh, tough one for the loser....

3. Do we tack a few days on for a little holiday in the warmth & sunshine? brainer!

4.  Do we take our bathers or will it be too cold for swimming?

5.  If we stay on, does Daz & Coop come too? is full of tough questions.  Either way, we'll see you there Brisbanites!

1 comment:

  1. Oh exciting! I visited you in Melbourne at the Finders markets and now you are coming to up to me! Great time of year for a driving trip - not too hot so you could come up the centre, or "up the guts" as they call it, rather than the coastal route, but don't worry about the bathers...I wouldn't swim in winter in Bris.