August 11, 2011

Behind the scenes at Mookah Headquarters

After the last few wet gloomy days we were itching to get outside, and decided to take advantage of today's brighter conditions to get outside our creative space and snap a few product pics so that we could do some new product listings in our online shop.  Here is a sample pic to give you the general idea, and if you haven't been introduced before, this is our model, Barbara.

But have you ever wondered if we toil away in our studio each day dressed in our own Mookah brand skirts and garb?  Well, I can assure you, the answer is most definately NO.  Here's a couple of behind the scenes pics, showing us in our compulsory country gumbies.

No we don't have sheep in our yard, that's Nicole's dog, Monty, who is a spoodle.

If you're admiring my gumbies and are wondering what brand they are, they're Skellerups.  The most comfy brand on the market in my opinion, with a very Mookahish red band around the top.  Nicole's are Bogs......the trendy girly gumboot.

Do you think Nicole (a) doesn't realise that her buttons don't line up, or (b) simply doesn't care?  Given it's hot pink to start with, I'm leaning towards (b) simply doesn't care. 

We went inside to grab a few more garments and when we came out Barbara had disappeared.  Naughty Barbara, she'd gone to play on Cooper's playground while he was off at daycare.

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  1. I must admit, I'm loving the pink randomly buttoned cardi!

  2. You girls are VERY funny! And thanks for the gumboot fashion tips!

  3. Oh gosh - some things do not change. Like you and Nicole.