September 29, 2011

My Creative Space....

It's a little sad that it often takes a decision to sell a property before you make the time and effort to clean up, repair, tidy, paint or renovate an area of your house or property.  Out the back window of our studio we used to look out onto a small courtyard area that was very plain and boring and not very inviting.  After just a little hard yakka from us, look at what we can see now......

We're thinking about all the lovely morning and afternoon tea's we could have had out here in the lovely sunshine, listening to the birds, while we took a break from the whir of our machines. 

Feeling a little bright and spotty?  We made this dotto fabric up into a floor cushion for the first time this morning, and it looked so good, we had to take a pic to share with you!  This little baby will be coming on a road trip with me (yes another road trip) to Canberra tomorrow for Handmade Canberra.  Shhh.....I haven't told her what time we have to leave yet.

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  1. Love that fabric - looks fab! Best wishes for Canberra!

  2. Safe driving! I love your about-to-be-sold courtyard, and the new cushion too. x

  3. Your store was among one of my favourites yesterday at the Handmade Market! I am just writing a blog post now... Your designs are beautiful, everything was so well made and I'm very pleased you have an online store as I didn't get a chance to buy anything. Glad to have found you!

  4. I just love your designs, and your stall at Canberra Handmade was an inspiration.