February 18, 2012

New supplier in the Mookah Studio shop!

Have you heard of Melbourne based accesories label 'Nancybird'?

Thought you might have.  This week we received our first delivery of selected Nancybird products in the studio shop, including handbags, clutches, wallets, coin purses and cushions.

All of the Nancybird range is made from quality materials, with much of the fabric in the range being hand printed locally in Melbourne.  The new collection has a very Australian feel, using raw earthy materials and colours.

We couldn't pass up stocking a few of these cushions in the shop either, they are divine!

Another thing we really like about having a little Nancybird in the shop is the fact that Emily (the lady behind the label) was originally from this area, before her move to Melbourne.

Drop by the studio sometime and have a little looky for yourself! 

Mookah Studio
32 Cashin Street
Inverloch 3996

Tuesday - Saturday
9.30am - 4pm

1 comment:

  1. Oh i LOVE Nancy Bird (the brand & the real lady, what a determined young aviator she was!!) Congratulations, would so shop with you, must visit, one day, with the family, love Posie