March 8, 2012

What a weekend ahead!

It's a long weekend this weekend, so we should be sleeping in, relaxing, or going away camping or something.  But no, what are we doing?  Mookah is everywhere this weekend!  As we speak (or I write and you read) Nicole is on a road trip to Canberra with lucky Phil for the 2 day handmade market at Canberra.  Actually, they're probably just about at Gundagai, ready to head to our usual destination, the Gundagai RSL for a drink and dinner!

While Nicole is gallavanting interstate, I will be at the Inverloch market on Saturday amongst the hordes enjoying the Jazz Festival, and on Sunday I will be at Foster Market enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of a country market. 

So who's going to be looking after the Mookah Studio/Shop I hear you ask?  Well, we've had to call in the big guns to help out.  Mum, otherwise known as Marg, Mrs Griffo, or Nan Nan will be looking after the shop, while us girls are out and about being market gypsies.  Thanks Mum.

So if we don't see you somewhere this weekend, have a great long weekend, stay safe on the roads, and have fun!

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  1. Wow, what a weekend! I hope it goes well in all directions!