April 19, 2012

My Creative Space.....

Well I've got to tell you, there wasn't much room in our day today for creativity.  There is now only one sleep to go until the Finders Keepers Market, and we're right up against the time clock to get everything done, ready to pack the car and trailer tomorrow morning.

Us Mookah Chicks like to think we can do everything ourselves, but today we had to call in some help from D2, to help with the building and painting of some of our props.  We were never going to get there on our own.  Thanks, D2.

There was lots of last minute sorting, weighing, folding and tying of our Handprinted Fabric Packs.  Tasks like this ALWAYS take longer than you think they will.

Printing price labels, sticking them onto product tags, and them pinning them to all our items.......one day we might be able to employ a lackey to do these tasks.  No, I actually quite enjoy them, they are part of the buzz of preparing for a big event, I just wish we weren't always so rushed at the end!

Hope to see some of you over the next couple of days at Finders Keepers.

Royal Exhibition Buildings
Nicholson St
Carlton, Melbourne
Fri 6pm - 10pm
Sat 10am - 5pm

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  1. ooh, i'll look out for you, cant wait for this market. have had in the diary for months now !! good luck with it all & i'll pop by & say hello :)

  2. Arrrrgh. I know! I'm finally ready to hit the road tomorrow morning, and I'll look forward to seeing you there! xx