October 9, 2012

My New Favourite Corner

For many years now I've been tossing around in my head what fabrics I should use to reupholster an old favourite chair of mine.  It's not just any chair, it's a beautiful old 'kanga rocker' that I got from my dear old great aunt when she passed away.  The fact that the chair has sentimental value to me has overwhelmed me, leading me to be indecisive and procrastinate.
My recent journey has brought lots of things into perspective for me, and suddenly I could see the decision in a new light.  My Aunty May would be happy that I have the chair, I love it and will look after it, and that I am going to recover it in something that I love. 

So how could I go past Australian Handprinted fabric?  I have used 2 different fabrics, but have featured Cloth's spotcheck fabric, as I've always loved it, and I am partial to a touch of red, and combined it with some crosshatch.  Isn't she adorable?

This has now become my favourite corner in the house.  A place where I can sit and rock with my feet up on a Mookah floor cushion, and read a book or watch the trees out the window.
I will declare though, that I feel a little like a traitor not using one of our own handprinted fabrics.  So to even things up a bit (or make myself feel better) I've picked up another rocker similar to mine which we're going to reupholster in our new Mookah fabric design.  Watch this space for that one!


  1. And she's gorgeous in her new clothes! Enjoy. xx

  2. Wow, lovely? Have you made the upholstery work yourself?