January 23, 2009

The dream, the inspiration....

It has been our dream for many years to be able to run our own business together, which would allow us to be our own boss, have flexible working hours, for Nicole particularly with Cooper to be able to work from home as he has only just turned 1, and to do something that we both love to do.

We share a love for renovating/making over properties and selling them, which we have both had successful and separate experiences of, and our ideal dream would be to do this full time, or part time and make a living doing something else as well for some diversity. So the question was what else?

Nicole and her partner were told by a local real estate agent that if they ever wanted to start up a business making over properties for sale, he would be able to send plenty of business their way, and while this was appealing to all of us in some ways, they are now moving from Melbourne to Inverloch (in just 6 more days!), and didn't know what this would mean.

The inspiration for our current plans has come from Cooper, Nicole & Darrel's 1 year old son, and my favourite (and only) nephew!

Over the xmas period we had lots of discussion, research, and trawling the internet etc, in combination with looking at what skills and experience we have, what skills and experience we would like to have, and came up with some thoughts on what things we could make ourselves and sell at local markets, some 3-4 day exhibitions around the country, as well as through our own web page, ebay and other more specific target market web sites.

Our thoughts included a range of items directed specifically at children, as well as other furnishing/homeware products, including a range of cute and cuddly stuffed animals, co-ordinating fabric throw cushions, ottomans and wall hangings, as well as a range of screen printed items such as t-shirts, satchel bags, and fabric for decorator items.

It all sounds like a lot I know. I'll post some piccies next time, when I can work it all out!


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