January 21, 2009

Our First Post

Well here we are....our first ever post on a blogspot!

We created this blog to follow the current journey we as sisters find ourselves on. That is, a change of location, lifestyle and our dream to do something together.

I have recently resigned from a job I was in for way too long, I was a workaholic, I wasn't finding time for the things I enjoy and just wasn't happy with the space I was in. So I threw my job in, sold my house and have moved to Inverloch to start a new adventure.

My sister has a little 12 month old son with her partner and they have also decided to have a lifestyle change and are making the big move to Inverloch next week to be closer to family and to bring up their little one in a country environment.

Together we have always dreamt of running a business or doing something together, but distance in itself has been a barrier to this happening, along with all the excuses you always make for yourself. Now however, there are no excuses! So, we are currently planning to start our own little business together called "Mookah', and this blog will follow that journey.

We hope that you will come with us on this journey, and share with us your comments, opinions, criticisms, thoughts and support.



  1. Woo-wOOt! I'm the first to make a mark on your first blog post!

    Your banner is very cute. Which one is you?

  2. Congratulations girls so proud of you both and hope your dreams are all you want you are both determid and succesfull in your own way go for it and good luck.
    Uncle Beep

  3. Go Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yippee.....Ruby is excited about her Christmas pressie from Vic for 2009!!!
    Good luck and I will be sure to support you both

  5. Love it all. Birthday presents are now sorted. Especially love magoo the monkey. Good luck and I hope to see you both at lardner park market. Love Jane and Sam