February 20, 2009

The calm before the storm or in our case, the wine before the market

Well, it is Friday night 8.30 pm and we are having another glass of sparkling red. The car is loaded to the hilt, the clothes are out ready for an early morning set off and we have just read an email from Craft Markets Australia suggesting we have been accepted into the Mornington market for March (along with Foster and Inverloch and Farmworld, can we get enough stock together)!!!!!

The email from Craft Markets inspired Leisa to complete a Celebratory run around the kitchen table with her t-shirt pulled over her head.

I will sign off for tonight by telling you that Darrel is just about to put a batch of his famous double choc chip cookies in the oven for us for morning tea...... if they last till then.

Colli Flower (Nicole/ Mummy/the older sister/ the sillier sister)


  1. You two will be taking over the world before you know it! Well done.

  2. Thanks Mel. Balnarring wasn't so great as crowds were 'well' down apparently, probably due to the fact that the Hastings festival was on and it was jumping! Anyway, good to get the first one over and done with and much learnt. Onwards and upwards!