February 25, 2009

First Market Wrap Up

Our very first market at Balnarring.......well it wasn't exactly great, but we did sell some stuff, we met some great people, got lots of ideas and very positive feedback, and it feels great to have the first one out of the way!

After leaving behind schedule and having too much wine the night before we arrived at 7.00am which was our target time and were fully set up by 7.55am. This is a photo of me doing my lunges and stretches in preparation for what may lay ahead.

As it turned out, I probably shouldn't have bothered. The market was very quiet compared to normal according to the locals because the Hastings annual festival was on and it was 'jumping'. Thanks to those friends that made the effort to come say g'day and support us, it was very much appreciated. As per a special request at the market we have created a red/white modern pod, which is shown below, and also has matching throw cushions and wall hanging.

We were also asked about pods that hadn't been filled with beans to fit in hand luggage etc, so we have now created pods that have zips in them which can be filled later on. This also has the added benefit for us of allowing us to sell them online, watch this space for that too.

Onwards and upwards!


  1. I suppose its all a learning experience.

    I did hear that Balnarring was very quiet. No doubt there'll be more people next time you go.

  2. Typical. Your first market and it was a quiet one. Better luck next time eh? At least you got some good pointers though, but I don't envy you putting in zips. Urgh.

  3. Thanks Stacey, Nicole and I thought we might come and say hello when we drop into the Stitches and Craft show. How do we find you? Are you exhibiting or just doing workshops?

  4. ooo are you going (or have you gone?) Quite a few of my blogger friends are exhibiting - in time you'll be meeting fellow bloggers!

    (Hey, do you get your comments emailed to your inbox? If so, you'll find you can email the commenter directly, if blogger gives you their email address, then you can contact people (ie. Stacey) that way.)