March 10, 2009

Mornington Market - our 2nd market

This time we didn't drink too much the night before, we left on time, the market was very busy and we did make some half decent sales....yeehah! On top of that we had a lot of possible future sales that we expect to come to fruition over the next 2-4 weeks. What do you think of the suspended shelves that we made?
In particular we had 2 young ladies(Allison & Emily) who were very excited by some of our products and came back to purchase a Woollybutt each but were very disappointed when they found out that we didn't have credit card facilities to fund their pods and wall hangings....and so were we, but we hope to see them at Balnarring in 2 weeks. Credit card facilities were supposed to arrive last Friday, but won't be here until Thursday now, bummer. They were soooo excited we took a photo and said we'd post it on the blog.

A few special thanks, firstly to Mr & Mrs Prune for dropping in especially to say g'day to us, I'd hate to think how long it is since we've seen you, and secondly to Cindy and Allison from CMA for their help, support, and advice for us first timers at Mornington. Nice for Colli to run into Vicki an old friend from way back too. Speaking of Colli, can you spot her in the piccie below?

To top off the day we had an appointment after the market with a blind lady, who's office was just around the corner(how congenial), to discuss a business proposition. Blind as in she owns a large wholesale business that makes blinds for windows, not as in she has no sight. Went well, more to think about for Mookah.....


  1. It was great to see you girls last weekend. Yes it has been a very long time and no doubt you would have thought I'm "prunier" than ever! Very impressed with your handiwork, especially the poofe, oh sorry, pod (see I'm still living the dark ages!!) Must say though, in the words of another icon Big Kev, "I'm excited" about the possibility of a "Mrs Prune" range of kitchen accessories being developed. Move over Edna & Mac cosmetics and make way for Pruney & Mookah!!!!

  2. Love the rabbits!! The new shelves setup looks great, much more user friendly. Will try and get to Farm World.