March 6, 2009


Well I know I've been a bit slack with my posts, but hey, a girl can't do everything! We have been busy with all that business organisation stuff, such as registering business name, applying for ABN and tax file no, organising bank accounts and merchant facilities, etc, etc.

In between we have also found some productive creative time and have used some of our new fabrics to add to our home deco range. Below is a couple of them, shown made into pods, but they also have matching throw cushions and fabric wall hangings to match.

Today I have trecked to Melbourne once again and bought a brand new marquee for our markets, which will be used for the first time on Sunday at Mornington market. Hope to see you there Mrs Prune....

Another project has been some new suspended shelves for displaying product in the marquee, which has been mostly made out of recycled materials or bits and bobs we had around the place. With some help from D2, girl power was on the tools this week. Here's some progress shots of them from this week.

Apart from all of this, not much except for a bit of monkey crutching....

Oh, and speaking of monkey crutching, it was great to catch up last Sunday Pooh Bear.

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  1. Good luck for Sunday - I know a few people that way so I'll send them your way!

    You seem very busy which is great; no rest for the wicked and all that. As long as it still reaches beer o'clock each arvo you're doing fine!!