June 23, 2009

Anyone for Shopping?

For anyone who knows me (Nicole), you know that i love to shop! Well that should have been past tense. Once upon a time, I too loved to shop! I was into power shopping. If i liked something, i bought it. No indecisiveness.
If i want to go shopping now, it means a 7am race to the supermarket while Darrel looks after Cooper, or it means taking Cooper with me. This involves him pulling everything off the shelf, eating everything in the trolley and when he gets bored, throwing the left over contents of the trolley onto the floor.
Shopping these days is confined to online shopping; it is not the same not being able to touch something, to turn it over in your hands and to even smell something. I was very excited to hear about this site for children’s toys
www.playwithtoys.com.au. We all know it is a disaster it is to take a toddler to a toy store! Not only does this site have classic wood and tin toys, they pride themselves on unique and fun gifts that aren’t available in your conventional toy shop. To top it off, there is free delivery within Australia. There will also be a retail outlet opening in Red Hill in August.

Here are five of my favourite things.
Balance Bike $89
Tools $22.99
Butterfly puzzle $16

Numbers $18 hard to find
Afternoon tea $59.99
Well, being a one child family, and that child being a boy,
guess what Cooper is getting for

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  1. Another great kids toys online store is http://www.ok4kids.com.au/shopping_cart.php?osCsid=bd7015abe786634d03c326c408948b4b

    (hope that worked..) Great wooden toys there too and they do free gift wrapping - in my time I bought a few things off them... Are you a member of the huggies online bookclub? Free postage & handling on all books and a discount too...