June 30, 2009

Time Out for Colli...

My big sister Colli (Nicole) has had a tough couple of weeks in the land of motherhood, with all the usual mummy problems, tired, tears, not coping, and cries of "I NEED A BREAK!" So, little sis Lulu (me) decided to whisk her away for her first ever night away from her 18 month old boy, to a place you've heard me mention recently. That's right, back to the beautiful "Grevillea Getaway" at Walkerville.

So last Friday afternoon after kiddy and doggy mayhem, I packed her up and we headed off down the coast in the beautiful warm sunshine. We made the most of the last of the afternoon sun and went for a walk to a lookout that overlooks from the bay from Walkerville around past Waratah Bay and Sandy Point to Wilsons Prom. We sat on a bench seat in silence, swinging our legs, admiring the view, soaking up the sun, listening to the birds and feeling our bodies relax as they tend to do when you get back to nature.

I took one of my very special bottles of wine for us to enjoy together, it was a 2005 Gapsted Chardonnay (from Bright) that I bought direct from the winery when Nicole and I were there together quite a few years ago, where we indulged in several very memorable tasting plates while drinking a bottle of this wine. A nice touch I thought!
On Saturday morning we both stayed in bed until 8.00am, which is unheard of for both of us. Colli woke feeling guilty she wasn't home and missing her morning cuddles from her little boy, but I reminded her why we were there, and had a lazy breakfast while watching all the birdies in the garden, browsing through magazines and listening to the moo of the cows in the paddock behind the house.Once again we were blessed with a beautiful, calm, warm sunny day, so headed down to the beach at Walkerville for a walk exploring the rock pools at low tide. We actually found a few interesting things, but the best of all was this red starfish the size of a bread and butter plate. The worst thing found was I'm not quite sure what, but it was dead and swarming with thousands of flies that took particular interest in me as I stumbled upon it. Colli was wondering what got into me when she saw me running along the beach throwing my arms around, and swatting my head, but she obviously wasn't too concerned as she was busy capturing the moment on film!

Back at 'Grevillea Getaway' we had a quick cup of tea and date scone before packing up and heading back home.....Colli was really missing her little boy.
Thanks to those family members who made this little getaway possible......we all need a little time for ourselves.


  1. WOW how beautiful.....can I come too next time?? haha....breaks from little cherubs can make you love them even more!! :)

  2. P.S - I have sent you guys a couple of emails, not sure if you have rec? Pop over to my blog as you have been featured today!!