July 11, 2009

New Mookah additions.....

Wow......there has been so much going on lately, and us Mookah girls just haven't found the time to work on developing our new ideas and projects further. Grrrr, very frustrating, as any fellow crafter would know. But, we have been busy with production, and we have added some new items, or old items in new fabrics to our range, and thought that we should share them with you.

On request we made a couple of kids beanbags a little while back, and decided to make a few more to sell at markets, and they have just gone crazy! Here is a couple of new ones that have been added to our Etsy Shop recently.

There has been a new generation of Platypus born......

And also a revised edition of our Woollybutts, with a fair dinkum woolly butt on his reverse, but here is only a sneak peak at the front, cos to show the rest would be unappropriate in this forum, don't you think?

Bring on spring.....and the birth of new designs and fabrics. Mookah will be going a little bit 'designer' in spring with a the introduction of a selection of designer fabrics to complement the current range.


  1. Cool triangular beanbags! That fabric in the first one reminds me a lot of Monet's 'Kevin's-mom-from-the-Wonder-Years' dress which we bought her in London. (The one with the bright yellow & orange butterflies)

  2. Looking gorgeous girls!!! Can't wait to see the Spring range!!