July 9, 2009

A funny moment and a 'Thank God I'm Alive' moment....

Oh where do I start? Yesterday I had an early appointment at my hairdressers, and I had stayed the night at my sister's place after a 'to die for' roast dinner and a few glasses of wine to go with it. There's no clock in her spare room, my mobile was dead and I was relying my nephew rising early to wake me up in time.

When I woke in the morning I could hear my 18 month old nephew crying and saw the light coming in around the curtains, and thought "Oh Shit", it must be about 7am, so got up, threw my clothes on and headed out the front door, fumbling to find my shoes when I heard my sister yell out "What are you doing?", to which I replied "I've got to go to the hairdressers". Next I heard her yell "BUT ITS 5am!". Hmmph! So I returned to my bedroom, took off my clothes and got back into bed. (Note: Definately NOT funny at the time!)

Next I woke it was 7am, and once again I thought "Shit!" and threw those clothes on and headed out the door to be greeted by my frozen windscreen. God I HATE winter. But there is a positive. As I headed towards home in Inverloch to shower, dress and scoot to the hairdressers I saw the most amazing sunrise. I came over a hill around a corner and was greetes by an enormous orange orbit rising over the horizon. It was absolutley spectacular, and definately one of those 'Thank God I'm Alive' kind of moments. Sorry, no piccies, I was in a rush.

It was all worth it though, when I got to the hairdressers, sunk into the chair, and enjoyed my 2 hours of pampering, including that marvellous massage chair while your hair is being washed, AND I had a fantastic young girl who did the washing and head massaging. I like it nice and firm, you know, when they're not scared to get in there and work those fingers! None of this soft gentle crap. Anyway, I actually had another fairly non-work day today, which is very unlike me, but boy it was good. Enjoying that winter sunshine while working in the vegie patch followed by a picnic with the family by the Inverloch foreshore. Now THAT'S what life is all about!

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