August 30, 2009

To Plan or Not To Plan?

Friday. No markets on the weekend. The last day of the working week. With lots to be done I had written a list of tasks and projects to be completed and my plan was to 'get into it' and have a really productive day. Nothing like a plan!

I was awoken at 7am to the sound of a closing car door, and thought, 'shit, that's here', and jumped out of bed and threw some clothes on, thinking it was probably the Australia Post guy coming with a delivery, cos he's always early. Instead, I opened my back door to this smiling face.

Apparently my sister had had a sleepless night and was tired and grumpy, so thought it would be easier (for her) to come over to Aunty Lulu's and let her deal with the very energetic Cooper. For what seems like the first time in a long time it was a beautiful morning, so after brekky we went for a walk along the beach, and then came back and had an explore in my back yard, where Cooper found a friendly eagle.

By the time I arrived at the studio at 10am I received a phonecall from a friend saying it was a beautiful day and he was going to go for a ride on his motorbike and come over for a visit. I'm thinking, okay, you gotta have some fun too, so I'll do what i can after he goes. Well after a lazy BBQ lunch in the sun, and by the time we were able to drag Cooper away from the motorbike (brrm, brrm) it was about 3pm.

Well everyone knows you can't start working at 3pm on a Friday afternoon, that's nearly drinks time after all, isn't it? So instead we had a drink and started our weekend a little early....
Everything doesn't always go to plan, but hey, things always seem to work out in the end don't they?


  1. Planning is over-rated hee hee.... you had much more fun with your unexpected day!

  2. To Plan or Not To Plan?.... Hmmmm....


  3. What would we do without our sisters?! I just wish all mine lived closer....sigh. Lucky Cooper to have his Auntie so close by!

  4. Ah, can't go past a long weekend...(my plans never eventuate anyway!)...