November 9, 2009

My Current Favourite Fabrics

I know you've heard me rattling on about them before, but they are worthy of a 2nd mention. Last time I was talking about the range of Ink & Spindle fabrics, I was telling you how my sister sold my brand new not yet made it in the house, 'Rooftops' wall art with fabric designed and hand screen printed by Melbourne textule designer Lara Cameron.

Well finally I've made myself a new one and it has made it to my living room wall.....but I'm not sure that the wall does it justice, so it may have to come and keep me company in my bedroom.

These are some of the other things we've made out of Ink & Spindle fabrics.....throw cushions...

....floor cushions......

And I love it that much that I've saved the selvedges to wrap up our etsy orders with. Greta if you're reading this, this is your etsy order!

I hope you like my current range of favourite fabrics.


  1. Just amazing! as I have said before I LOVE those throw cushions & pods! the roof top fabric is the cutest!!

  2. That roof top wall art looks wonderful, I love all the intricate detailing.

  3. How wonderful are those girls from Ink & Spindle! Their fabrics are so easy to look at and lovely to work with. Your floor cushions are great. Do you sell them at Flem Market?

  4. I love their fabrics. I was just thinking about Lara's houses this morning actually.

  5. You've done great things with gorgeous fabrics!

  6. You're right... they are gorgeous fabrics! I have a few of those in my stash too.