November 13, 2009

Time Out....

Life has just been so full on lately, and the next 8 weeks are only likely to get worse, so this week I decided to take a couple of days 'time out', and headed down to that special little place I love to go....Walkerville.

This is the scene that was waiting for me when I got there. Clear blue skies, not a breath of wind, warm but not hot, and peace and quiet. Ahhh. What's not to love.

One of the things that is noticeable when you go to Walkerville is all the wildlife. The constant chatter of the birds, the grunting of the wombats outside your window at night, the odd Koala and the odd spotting of these cute little guys, the Echidna. This guy was tiny and was not frightened by us at all - in fact he was quite curious and seemed to love having his photo taken.

It's always amazing how much enjoyment one can get by putting a little seed out for the birds and watching them flocking in, in a frenzy in case they miss out!

And yes, okay, I did break out the bikini and have just a little lie on the sand, how could I not? I also took my first plunge into the ocean this spring/summer, wasn't I brave?
Thanks again to Lauren for sharing her little piece of paradise with us, but now it's back to reality...


  1. That's what I looks so serene

  2. Gorgeous location, you must have returned feeling very rejuvenated.

  3. You swam at Walkerville? Home of the world's coldest water?
    Beautiful though, isn't it?
    I really should visit.