March 21, 2010

Magnolia event wrap up!

Finally home after spending 5 days in Melbourne town for our first Magnolia Square event at St Kilda Town Hall ......yeehah.

It's nice to visit the city lights, have time away from home, stay with old friends, have breakfast out in trendy St Kilda, indulge in Indian food, meet some fantastic crafters, bloggers and tweeters, but boy is it nice to come home to family and your own comfy bed! Here are a few pretty ordinary happy snaps (apolgies) from the week that was.

The Mookah stand.....

Me being,

One of our floor cushions in 'Delft' and a couple of throw cushions in 'Bonsai' from Ink & Spindle........

A snapshot of some new Scandanavian fabrics in the 'Blomma' range.

Some of our hairy animal critters......

And last but not least, my sister and business partner Colli, or perhaps just Nicole to others. No more time to ponder the week that was as we now have to concentrate on preparing to head off on Wednesday for Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide. No rest for the wicked.


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! Who is the sexy chic in the green? Is she single? Can you hook me up? she can't be that busy over the next couple of weeks, she has my son to look after!!!!

    Darrel (Mookah man)

  2. Excited to meet you both and best wishes for the coming weekend in Adelaide :-)

  3. Your stall looks fabulous, well done you!

  4. Looks ace, Magnolia Square is a full on effort, well done!! Love Posie (friend of Sheeps Clothing - Stacey spilt the beans on you two being totally ace!!)

  5. im so very glad you were at these markets as i loved my new ROOFTOPS cushion that has given our bed a whole new mighty cool look :)
    thanks, leah