March 12, 2010

New fabrics and designs.....

Finally we are reaching the end of our production list, in preparation for our 2 big events this month. I thought it was time to share a few pics of some of our new fabrics and designs that will be available for the first time at Magnolia Square (next week!) and Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide the following week.

Kids beanbags have been very popular for us and we have decided to add a few new fabrics and designs to our range, including this red elephant hand screen printed fabric from Umbrella Prints, on a quality denim fabric, with red cord base. This is my personal favourite!

These are a few of the other new kids beanbag designs, from the more stylish to the more fun.

This funky wine coloured fabric above is a screen printed linen/cotton blend from Scandinavia, and is pictured with a 'Fan' fabric also from Umbrella Prints.

Following the success of introducing some of the Ink & Spindle hand screen printed fabrics to our range, we have now added 3 new designs/colourways, which are Seeds in charcoal, Rooftops in charcoal, and Bonsai in deep red. Tough decision, but I think the Seeds in charcoal might just be my new favourite fabric from the Ink & Spindle range.
We will be posting more pics of new designs in the next few days, but in the meantime, hope to see you at Mornington Racecourse market tomorrow!


  1. Love them Girls.
    I luuuuurrrrve the Red Elephant bean bag too Leisa - just too too cute!