March 5, 2010

My Creative Space

So, yes Mookah is a little late with this week's My Creative Space, but better late than never. Our excuse is that there is so much happening we lost track of days. Today is Friday.....yep....not Thursday!

There is only 9 days left to Magnolia Square and we have soooooo much to do. This morning we decided to tackle one of those tasks we have been putting off for the last 4 weeks....... Calico bags. We have searched high and low trying to find an environmentally friendly bag that we can put our pods and floor cushions into. Plastic is not fantastic but has so far been our only option. We have spoken to many people about having bags made, but the minimum order is something in the thousands and by the way, at a price of at least a couple of dollars each.

After much research and frustration, yep you guessed it. We decided to make our own 'cos we don't have anything to do. Why can't we find anything you ask? Well, the bag needs to be 90cm x 90cm. Yes you read right and ...... it must have handles.

Mookah production the last few weeks has been a whole Mookah family affair, with Nan Nan Mookah on sewing machine, turning, stuffing, trimming threads and hand sewing and Pop Pop Mookah designing and making beautiful wooden shelves/ladders, until they decided they needed a break and took off to Sunny QLD. Well, maybe not so sunny QLD, and left us with a few things to do.

Mookah boy has been having great fun playing in and around calico bag handles.

Mookah lady has been busy sewing calico handles and cutting calico bags.

Mookah man has had a ball ironing calico bags (are you as excited as we are about a man that loves ironing?).

Mookah boy has been testing out calico bags to ensure that they hold succifient goods.

Mummy Mookah has been busy taking pictures of the family and writing up the to do list for the next 7 days!!!! Yep, only 7 days of production left to go and we still have on our production list 50 calico bags, 48 bean bags (that need zips), 12 Echidnas, 20 Woollybutts, and 30 cushion covers amongst a few other non sewing tasks!! Yikes, no sleep for this week.
We can't wait to see you all at Magnolia Square at St Kilda Town Hall and Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide. To all our friends, do you still want to be our friends after we have neglected you for so long?

Over and out,

Mummy Mookah (Nicole)


  1. Good luck with that mountain of tasks this week!

  2. Bloody hell... No sleep this week then eh? Good luck with that!

    (Ahhh St Kilda Town Hall, Balaclava, my old stomping ground!)

  3. A man who loves ironing....FOR REAL ?? I thought that was the stuff of fairytales. Good luck with getting everything done.

  4. Good on you for making the bags. I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated by the purchasee's of your lovely goodies.

  5. Wow Nicole, little Mookah boy is so grown up!! xx