March 10, 2010

Time to stop and smell the roses?

Mookah man has suggested that it is time for us Mookah chicks to stop and smell the roses, having worked so many long days over the past few weeks. It is now only a week, or a few long sewing days left till Magnolia square starts and ends, and then Bower Bird begins.

We decided to take a little of Mookah mans advice. No rose smelling 'cos we both have native gardens, but we did take time out today to smell the pumpkin flowers on the way to the studio!

This particular specimen is a self seeded pumpkin plant that isn't in the vegie patch with his cousins. The pumpkin plant looks beautiful wrapped around the base of the kangaroo paws.
It looks even more beatuiful with the first morning sun shining on it. Cooper and the dogs love to sniff around it, as you can usually find a frog or two sitting amongst the leaves, but I couldn't manage to find one this morning. Sorry.

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  1. Good luck with those busy markets!!! I bet you will do SO well with all your gorgeous goodies! Sarah X